Frank Kennedy - Alexander Technique Consultant



Alexander Technique Dublin - Muscle pain, Muscle pain cure, Muscle pain help

Muscle pain is often caused by tense and awkward ways in which we perform our daily activities. Hurrying about our day tense and badly co-ordinated, crouching over desks and holding the phone between the head and shoulder are some of the problems that can be at the root of much muscle pain.

The Alexander Technique works by helping people to identify and then prevent harmful postural habits that may cause muscle pain.

The Alexander Technique is taught one to one in ½ hour lessons. Tense muscles are gently released, posture is improved and a person is guided in how to perform their daily activities in a relaxed and co-ordinated way.

Contact Frank Kennedy to arrange an introductory lesson when the benefits of the Alexander Technique can be explained and demonstrated.

"I had often researched the Alexander Technique, for ailments in my life and always thought it sounded too simple to make any difference. That simplicity is the key to the measure that lies within each one of us. Frank Kennedy has shown me the way to using this key, to give many benefits to my wellbeing and life. I would highly recommend Frank Kennedy for his professional and motivational approach to the Alexander Technique."
Margarita Leahy